Starting at the beginning

When we are sure that we are on the right road there is no need to plan our journey too far ahead. No need to burden ourselves with doubts and fears as to the obstacles that may bar our progress. We cannot take more than one step at a time.

Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924)

What you will need:

Apart from coffee, and a machine (Win/Linux/Solaris … oh and Mac too if you can run a VM), you will need

Vordel Gateway – available for OS as above and Virtual Image
Vordel Policy Studio – design tool for the gateway
Vordel SOAPBox – neat service testing tool – all the usual stuff supported (http/s SOAP XML attachments encryption etc…)
Probably a good idea to have a browser with the latest flash plugin installed

Later I might dip into centralised management for distributed gateways provided by Vordel Director and the various reports,  and stats that can be extracted with Vordel Reporter… so you may as well get those while you’re at it…

If you can’t download and install then it is possible you’d be better suited to a career in sales… but seriously….contact me via this blog or the guys at vordel …, and just tell them I sent you

Once you’ve installed, then your good to go … you could even design your first policy on the train…

So let’s start at the very beginning, and the first thing to do is get everything fired up and connected. For the purposes of this blog I’ll be using the Windows 7 version of the Vordel Gateway and Policy Studio if you need info or assistance with different a different OS then either contact me directly or post a comment on the blog.

I could just say RTM, but if you’re anything like me that will be one of the last things you want to do…. far easier if someone just showed you right? My gravestone will probably read “Here lies Ian…. who should have read the manual”. So if you can’t find the manual, or the dog ate it, this is how we get started … assuming you managed to run the installer (or extract the tar.gz) and that you have a valid licence …. if you don’t have a licence or aren’t sure what to do with the one you have STOP and see this separate post on getting a licence

Step 1: Start the Vordel Gateway

Open a command prompt (no really you can do this without a picture)

Change to the bin directory cd C:\gateway_install\Win32\bin

run the command vordelgateway.bat

n.b. if you have installed as a windows service – you can use the program files menu to start / stop the gateway. the advantage of running in a command or terminal window is that you can see the gateway trace without having to tail or open the trace file. You can just double click the .bat file in an explorer window, but if there is a problem (like you forgot to get and install a licence key) the window will terminate without giving you any clue as to what happened.


Notice that the gateway by default starts up using 2 different ports – 8080 and 8090. You can browse to http://localhost:8080/healthcheck to see if your gateway is behaving as it should.

You should also open up http://localhost:8090/ and login to see the gateway “home page” that gives you access to trace files, real-time monitoring and other cool stuff that we will play with later. The user name and password defaults are admin and changeme

gateway home page

Step 2: Starting Vordel Policy Studio

For windows users this is easy – either use the start menu, programs, vordel, policy studio link or

double click the policystudio.exe in the installation folder (you could of course do this from the command line too if you like)… either way you should see something like this




Assuming you haven’t messed with anything you should be able to go right ahead and click on the link to “Gateway – localhost”

The user name and password defaults again are admin and changeme and you’re in


edit active config


Hit the shortcut to edit active configuration or double click on the Vordel Gateway in the process list and you can take a look at the gateway configuration as it comes out of the box.

When you are prompted for a “passphrase” just click ok.

gateway config 1

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  1. Milind Jadhav says:

    the hello world example $user.age not giving resule:
    it is printing $user.age only

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